Frozen Custard

Scoops, Concretes, Sundaes, Shakes, and Floats!


Frozen Custard Scoops

Served in your choice of a cup, bowl, or waffle cone.


Made with our frozen custard and blended with your choice of topping.

Sundaes and Banana Splits

Topped with whipped cream & a cherry.

Floats & Shakes

Topped with whipped cream & a cherry.


Bananas (25 Cal)
Brownie Bites (116 Cal)
Butterfinger® (194 Cal)
Caramel (130 Cal)
Cherries (27 Cal)
Chocolate Chips (221 Cal)

Chocolate Syrup (90 Cal)
Cookie Dough (180 Cal)
Gummy Bears (180 Cal)
Heath Bar (185 Cal)
Hot Fudge (130 Cal)
M&M’s® (210 Cal)

Mixed Nuts (260 Cal)
Oreo® Cookie Pieces (207 Cal)
Peanut Butter (224 Cal)
Pineapple (60 Cal)
Snickers® (200 Cal)
Strawberry (39 Cal)

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