Our Values


Hwy55 strives to put others ahead of itself. If it’s all about you, then your success will be limited… your leadership hampered.


In a business context, this means serving our guests and serving our associates ahead of our “corporate” interests.


When we help others succeed as individuals, then collectively Hwy55 will thrive well into the future.

History of Hwy55

Picture: Kenney Moore

Picture: Kenney Moore – 1991

Kenney Moore opened the very first Hwy55 in a mall in small-town North Carolina in 1991. It was called Andy’s Cheesesteaks & Cheeseburgers at the time, and its beginnings were humble: Kenney cooked every burger by himself from morning ’til night. And this was in full view of his customers. He couldn’t afford a traditional restaurant kitchen.

But Kenney soon realized something. When you’re manning an open grill, you can greet everyone who walks in. You can chat with guests sitting at the counter. You can cook a family their meals fresh right in front of them, and they can watch the care you put into doing so. And isn’t that what restaurants are supposed to be like? Neighbors bonding together over great service and tasty food?

Today, we have over 135 of those open-grill diners across eight states and two countries, but their missions are the same as Kenney’s when he first opened the doors in 1991: to deliver authentic hospitality and fresh food to anyone who wants a little something more out of their dining experience.

So check out our menu and come join us at your local Hwy55 to watch us grill your fresh, never-frozen burger or hand-squeeze your lemonade right at the counter. You’ll see why we’re your neighborhood’s next favorite burger joint.

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Hwy55 Rebrand

The one constant that kept coming up from listening to our employees and guests is that they are still very much attached to the Andy’s — our original name — brand; in fact, many people still refer to our stores as Andy’s! With this in mind, we saw an opportunity to better link the Hwy55 and Andy’s brands. With our updated logo and colors, we pay homage to our past while diving headfirst into the future. The main font of our new logo is the same as the last iteration of our Andy’s Burgers, Shakes & Fries logo. Our new “Hwy55 Red” is also a throwback to our past. Everything else about Hwy55 that you know and love, namely our world-class food and service, is the same.

Love Your Neighbor

Those three words are extremely powerful. If everyone on the planet practiced that simple phrase in their daily lives, think how wonderful life would be. Cooks, you can practice that phrase by making great food for our guests in five minutes or less. Remember, hunger is a basic need we all have and you get to fulfil that need and make people happy. Waitstaff, you have the opportunity to turn a person’s day around. Open the door, smile, and wow your neighbors with your desire to put their wants and needs before your own. Don’t think about tips—think about serving your neighbor. Don’t be afraid to let all of your personality out.

As a company we have to make money to keep the lights on. However, we also have a responsibility to make the world a better place. Let’s treat our guests like family. Let’s show them respect, courtesy, and even love. Love simply means extending yourself to others, regardless of how it feels to you. Let’s live our lives as servants. Let’s connect to these three simple words that can change lives: “Love your neighbor.”

Career Opportunities

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Franchise Opportunities

Want to own a Hwy55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries? Learn why Franchise Business Review ranked Hwy55 a Top 40 food franchise opportunity.

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The Rally

Once a year, all Hwy55 locations are closed for the day to allow for franchise partners and hourly-wage employees to attend the Rally.

“Hwy55 is not a franchise concept, it’s a true American success story and our employees are the reason why we are successful,” said Hwy55 president and founder Kenney Moore, who flipped every burger himself at Hwy55 for the brand’s first two years of business. “We appreciate what our employees do on a daily basis to make this the best burger company in the country. The Rally is our way to honor what they do.”

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